Special Effects

Special Effects

MediaPro Studios is the only studio complex in Central and Eastern Europe to have an in-house special effects department. The team is coordinated by Adrian Popescu and supervised by Nick Allder, Academy Award winner for Alien and a BAFTA award for The Fifth Element.

The SFX Department offers previewing facilities, has special equipment, a licensed civil explosives storage for pyrotechnics class I, II, III, IV, T1 and T2, a weapons workshop and storage area, as well as two Special Effects workshops.

Whether they use the available deep tanks or any of the 4 indoor water tanks, the water is mechanically, thermally or chemically processed, depending on the project's needs.

The department covers a complete SFX package, from atmospheric effects (i.e. fog, wind, rain, haze, snow, ice and icicles, flood) to pyrotechnical (i.e. controlled explosions, fires, cannons, indoor or outdoor fireworks, full body burns) and mechanical effects (with hydraulic and pneumatic pistons, cables and air mortars).

We have on the premises any type of innovative special effects equipment such as: 2 water containers capable of 24,000 liters, wave, wind and smoke machines, heating and filtering systems for the water tanks, nitrogen cannons, camera, motorcycle and car rigs or crash boxes weapons, and armor.

Thanks to our partnership with Bapty & Co., Europe's leading provider of specialist props for film, television and theatre, we can offer a wide range of practical weapons, blank firers, artillery, cannons and period weaponry.

As Nick Allder always says, "There's not one thing that can't be done. There's nothing we haven't tried in special effects. We're always open to give fresh solutions to any problem. That's my job: I'm a big problem solver."